Holiday Stress & Anxiety — Video

by | Nov 24, 2020

Holiday Stress & Anxiety — Transcription

Hi, everyone and Happy Thanksgiving week. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I have had a few requests for how to manage stress during this holiday season, since things are probably going to be a little bit different than we’re used to. So a couple of things to keep in mind, the first one is to make sure that you’re trying to find some sort of normalcy and whatever you may be doing. If you’re doing a small gathering or if you’re not doing anything at all try to find a little bit of what you’re used to. So whether that’s your favorite recipe, playing a favorite game with your family, whether that’s virtually or in person, if it’s a small gathering, something that brings you back to your normal routine for Thanksgiving or whatever holiday you may be celebrating – that can be really helpful. Typically when we’re going through an adverse event or transition like we are with COVID and the cases rising and things getting a little bit worse at this point we really are feeling like things are just so out of the norm and we’re constantly feeling this transitional stress.

So if you can find something that grounds you to your normal routine during this time, it can help you to feel a little bit of that normalcy that you typically have, even if other areas are different. The next suggestion I have is to make sure that you are either being safe with family that’s very small, or if you have to do something virtually – I know we’re doing everything virtually right now. And Zoom Fatigue is a real thing, but you know, if you can’t use your family members, try your best to find a way to do that. Even if it’s virtually over Zoom, create a game over Zoom that you can do something like that, that can help you to just feel that sense of family and familiarity that you don’t have this year. And keep in mind, kids are also going through a hard time.

So if you have kids and you’re going to do something small for Thanksgiving, and they’re probably going to be confused and ask about a questions, just trying to help them to feel that normalcy as much as possible as well. So do things that they’re typically used to with Thanksgiving and explain to them that, you know, this is just what happens when we have a lot of germs around and we have to keep each other safe. So this is how it has to be this year. Lastly, I would say create a new tradition. You know, as much as you want to find that normalcy, it’s also fun to create something new. This is the time to be creative and find something new that you and your family can do to help with the holidays. And then you can carry on that tradition for next year as well.

And I know I said that was the last thing, but one final thing is acceptance. Acceptance that this is how it is right now. It’s not fair. No one wants to be doing this. No one wants to have to isolate and not see family and take all these precautions, but this is just the way that it is right now. And this is how it’s happening in this year. Hopefully next year we’ll be in a much better place and won’t have to deal with all of this. So just kind of accepting the fact that there’s nothing we can do to change this at this point, except being safe and taking the precautions and doing our part in making sure that we can do what we can. So just acceptance gets back to being able to accept that it is what it is and there’s nothing we could do except be safe. So let’s just hope next year is different. So I hope this helps. And I know this is a tough season and a tough time of the year, especially dealing with this. So take care of yourself, check in with yourself, check in with your family members and friends. Make sure everyone’s okay. Lean on each other if you need to. And again, hopefully next year we won’t have to deal with all of this. So have a good Thanksgiving and I will be back next week for more Talk it out Tuesday. Thanks everyone!