New Year Goals — Video

by | Jan 5, 2021

New Year Goals — Transcription

Hi, everyone!. Happy new year and Happy 2021! So today I’m going to talk about New Year’s resolutions. So raise your hand if you’ve ever set a New Year’s resolution and quit within the first month – I’m sure that’s a lot of you. And honestly, it’s actually really common to stop doing whatever New Year’s resolution that you have planned. So I’m going to kind of change the perspective here a little bit, and instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, which are typically things that you just want to happen. And a lot of times they come out of thinking that you need to do something because society tells you that it’s good or something external is telling you that that’s the thing that you should be working on. It doesn’t necessarily come from within. So we want to kind of change that a little bit and reframe it.

So instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, stick with goals for the year and goals can be really helpful because they’re specific, they’re measured, and they’re more they’re more likely to be achieved because of these reasons. So I’m going to give you a couple ways to set these goals and help yourself achieve them instead of dropping out of your New Year’s resolution after a month of doing it. So the first thing is to be specific again, have a goal that’s measurable. So instead of saying, I want to lose weight, say I would like to weigh this amount of pounds by this date, making sure that this is a realistic goal. Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you’re overreaching for your goal, you’re going to fail and then you’re going to feel bad about yourself. So make sure that it’s realistic set those expectations to a point where you can actually achieve that goal and feel good about it.

So that’s the first thing. The second thing is to have a plan. So make sure you’re writing down your goals. If you’re just thinking about them in your head, it’s going to be a lot harder to have those in, in your mind. When they’re just kind of sitting there with everything else that you’re thinking about. So write them down, do a vision board, which is awesome. If you don’t know what a vision board is, Google it, there’s a ton of different examples that you can look at. But anything that you can see visually and manifest into reality is going to be helpful. So write down those goals and then prioritize them. So don’t try and do three different things at once, because if you’re spreading yourself too thin, you’re not actually going to be working on those goals and giving it enough attention that they need.

So do it one by one, figure out what your priority is first, and then figure out that goal and then go to the next one. Once that one is achieved the next one is to anticipate setbacks. So obviously with goals, there’s sometimes where they’re just not able to be achieved, or maybe you didn’t meet the exact goal that you wanted to that’s. Okay. It doesn’t mean that all of your work is just for nothing. Just anticipate that use if then I’m thinking versus, you know, trying to figure out like, I need to do this and this one plan only, and this is the only way I could do it. Its’s going to be helpful for you to understand, like, if this happens, then I will do this. And then if the opposite happens, then I will do this. It’s a lot easier for you to control then if you have that attitude.

So make sure the last one is make sure that these goals are not in conflict with each other. So if your goal is to get promoted at work and also spend more time with your family, think about it. If you’re promoted at work and you have a really high stress job, that takes a lot of your energy, especially if you get promoted, are you going to be able to spend more time with your family? So try to figure out if your goals are conflicting or not, because if they are, then you may need to shift it a little bit and figure out a different plan.

So hopefully this helps again, try to just figure out what goals work for you and use the internal view of yourself, of what you want to achieve – not what other people think that you should be achieving or what society thinks what do you want to change for yourself? And lastly just be patient with yourself because goals take time, they take energy and it’s a process. You’re not going to be a whole new person by February 1st. So accept that and just know that you hopefully will be working towards who you want to be each day and be patient with yourself. So have a good rest of your week. And I hope you had a great holiday and new year and I will be back next Tuesday. Thank you!