Self-Esteem & Positivity — Video

by | Oct 10, 2020

Self-Esteem & Positivity — Transcription

Hi! I hope you’re having a good week. Happy Tuesday!! I’m back this week. Sorry about last week, but like I said, just had to take a mental health day just like everyone should every once in a while. So now I have a great question, which is “how do I increase my self esteem or positivity?” Self-Worth things like that. So I have a really great tip that I like to tell people to do, and I do it myself as well. It’s kind of like a “self esteem journal”, but journal is such a daunting word for people. When I say journal people either run or roll their eyes at me. So bear with me. You don’t actually have to get a notebook and a journal. I do recommend writing something down because it is helpful to have that visualization. And you can always look back on it when you’re having a tough day to remember what kind of positive things you feel about yourself.

So the goal of this is at the end of each day, write down three things that you felt really good about yourself for that day or that you did really well or felt good physically, emotionally, whatever it might be. So three things like you know, I presented in a meeting today and I think I did a really good job, or I did my hair today for the first time in three months. And I felt like it looked great. So whatever you think is something positive that happened to you. And that it comes internally. Now, this is a very important rule in this. There’s only a couple of rules. This is one of them. It has to come within you. So it can’t be my coworker said I had a really great hair day today because that’s not coming through from you.

So how do you feel about the things that you did this day? The second rule is don’t go out of your way to create something positive just to fulfill these three things. I guarantee you, if you sit down and think about it, you’re going to find three things that you felt good about yourself that day. So don’t try to say, Oh, I can only think of two right now. I better do something positive to help myself. That’s not the idea of it. The idea is to notice the things that you’re already doing right, that are really good and positive for yourself. There’s research that the more you do this on a daily basis, the more positive you’re going to think, and you’re going to feel so if you’re thinking more positively, you’re just gonna feel better. You know, if you keep thinking negatively, you’re going to feel negative.

So it’s all about how you manifest those feelings. So three things, again, I suggest writing them down. They’re quick, easy. They don’t have to be a whole sentence. It can just be a couple of words. So this way you can always go back and look at that. When you’re feeling down on yourself, you can look at, you know, what are some things that I felt good about myself in the past. So that’s a really great way to do that. And we, as humans are just very negative thinkers, we’re very barrier driven. So if you had a review from your boss and you had 10 things on there and nine of them were positive and one was negative, you’re probably gonna focus on that negative. So it’s all about switching those negatives into the positives and telling yourself I’m actually gonna remind myself that I did nine positive things, not focus on this one negative thing, and also translate that negative thing into an opportunity for growth.

Just say, you know, maybe I do need to work on my time management a little bit more and I can do it. Yeah. So again, positivity thinking positive. You’re going to feel better about yourself, about what’s going on in your life. And things can just get a little bit easier for you. So hopefully this helps I will be back next week for another, Talk It Out Tuesday and feel free to write me your questions or tips, things that you want to hear from me. And I’ll be sure to answer those, have a good rest of your week, everyone!