New Year: Being Positive and Present in 2022!

by | Dec 31, 2021

New Year – How Are You Feeling?

Hi, everyone. Happy Wednesday! I wanted to jump on here really quick because I know I haven’t done one of these in a couple of weeks, but with the new year coming up, I wanted to just talk about the new year and how we’re all feeling because I’m sure we collectively feel a similar feeling about heading into to 2022 or as all the memes are saying “twenty twenty two”. So I am a little nervous about that, but I wanted to just try to give you some tips on how to go into this new year with more of a positive and present light. So you can at least have a good mindset going into the new year.

How to Be Positive And Present

As I’ve spoken about the covid pandemic before, there’s a lot that we just can’t control in in this pandemic. So what’s good is to focus on what you can control. And one thing that you can control is your own personal mindset. So make sure when you go into this, this new year that you try to remain present. I know that’s difficult. It’s hard to not think about the what-ifs in the future and what is this year gonna mean or what’s going to happen this year. You know, I could say for myself last year, going into the new year 2021, I was really excited to just be done with 2020 – move forward and, and hopefully have a better year. And personally, I had a good year, but of course, we still were in the pandemic. So, you know, there’s only so much you could do with that. So again, in this coming year, we don’t really know what 2022 holds for the pandemic or anything that’s happening with COVID-19 or our world in general. But again, you can control what you can control and that’s how you react and how you go into the next year.

So try to be present

Being present is really helpful. It just means when your mind starts to wander to go into those, what-ifs or that futuristic thinking those worst-case scenarios, bring yourself back and just remain in the present moment and just say, where am I at right now? How am I feeling at this moment? What can I do in this moment to help myself get over any feelings of negativity that I’m feeling? So being present is really helpful. You can do that in many areas of your life, but specifically this one as well. And just try to remain positive again. I know that’s difficult, easier said than done. I actually was watching the news this morning and Betty White is turning a hundred this year in a couple of weeks. And she said the secret to her long life in her long life is that she’s been able to have a positive mindset and find humor in things and, and be funny and just be positive.

And that just shows that you can be positive in your life and live a really good long life, hopefully. So again, be positive. Try to just find the positives in the negatives, those silver linings, anything that you can, if you can do that and you can remain present. Hopefully you have a good mindset going into 2022 for this year. That’s all I got. Hopefully this helps you and I wish you all a happy holiday season and a very happy New Year. And let’s hope that 2022 is a good year for everyone, including the world. Everyone stay safe and stay healthy!