Benefits of Therapy – Video

by | Mar 26, 2021

Benefits of Therapy – Transcription

Hi there, happy Tuesday! I’m going to talk about the Benefits of Therapy or things that you might gain out of therapy. So the first thing that you might gain out of therapy is going to be coping skills.

So a lot of times people will come and I’ll ask the question of what is your typical way of coping? What are some coping skills that you usually do to help if you’re in a stressful state tuition. And a lot of times people say they don’t have any so you might have some that maybe worked before and maybe now they’re not working anymore, like going running, or going to the gym. And right now we can’t really go to the gym that much. So one thing you can gain out of therapy is learning some additional coping skills and things that might work personally for you to develop those stress, reducing techniques.

Then next would be to have an unbiased opinion that you can talk with and have additional support. That’s not your friends and family, that’s third party opinions. Sometimes it’s really helpful because the therapist doesn’t know anything that you haven’t told them. So just having that person as the unbiased opinion, you know, it’s great to talk to your friends and family about things to vent to them, but you also sometimes will get their opinions with it because they’re your friends and family and they, they think you want advice and they try to give it. And sometimes it’s just helpful to have that neutral party to talk to and have that additional support when you’re going through something stressful. The next would be to adapt with transitional stress. So if you have gotten a new job, if you have something has changed in your life major, like a new relationship or a death in your family or something like that whenever you’re going through that transitional stress, it can be helpful to just learn techniques to how to deal with it and also move forward from that transitional stress into a new normal that you might be experiencing.

And the last thing that you can gain out of therapy – of course, there’s a million of them but I’m just going to give a couple – would be how your childhood or different things that you have experienced in your past might affect how you are now. So the biggest thing I see is relationships with how you’ve grown up, the relationships you had with either your parents, people who raised you, siblings, or people close to you in your past that may affect your relationships as an adult as well, whether that’s friendships, romantic relationships, whatever that might be. There’s a lot of times between the two. So it’s helpful to kind of dig that out and figure out where some of the the things that you’re dealing with now, and as an adult are coming from if you have major trust issues, it can help figure out what happened in your past or from your childhood, or a couple of years ago that might be causing that.

And how do we kind of untangle that and then move forward. So again, there’s a million benefits to therapy,. To be honest, I, if I named them all, we’d be here for a very long time, but everything is different for everyone. So I just wanted to give a few different reasons that are pretty common that you might experience as benefits for therapies. Hopefully this will convince you to see a therapist, whether you feel like you’re in crisis mode, or you just need to talk to somebody there’s really no right or wrong reason to see a therapist. And make sure you reach out if you need help. And I will talk to you all next Tuesday, have a good rest of your week!