Working From Home Transition — Video

by | Oct 10, 2020

Working From Home Transition — Transcription

Hello there – Happy Wednesday! Yes, it is Wednesday. And I’m doing Talk It Out Tuesday because apparently I have COVID-brain and forgot what day it was. I’m sure you can relate. So I apologize, but I’m here and I have a question to answer. So the question is “how do I keep myself being productive while working from home?” And obviously we’re all dealing with this, or most of us are dealing with this working from home since March 2020, you would think we’d have it all together by now, but like me, maybe you don’t and that’s okay. So I have a couple of tips for this. The first one is I’m keeping a routine. So try to keep your routine as similar as it was before COVID-19 that you can do now. So things like showering and eating breakfast and waking up at the same time as you were before, COVID try and keep doing that because it’ll help you feel that sense of normalcy.

And it’ll help you to keep that routine a little bit more versus it being very lax. The second one would be to set breaks for yourself. So if you think about it, as you were going to work and while you were at work throughout your day, I’m sure you had a lot of little breaks. So even getting to work was a break or running to the restroom, or getting water, eating lunch – things like that. You’re taking multiple breaks throughout the day. So if you’re just sitting in your apartment or your house, and you’re not taking breaks, it’s going to cause the day to feel really long and you’re going to feel kind of stuck. So make sure you, if you have to set a timer for breaks every two hours, make sure you do that. And the third one would be to create a separate space that you can work in.

So if your house or apartment allows for it – I know I’m in a one bedroom, so it’s a little bit difficult – but if you can try and separate that workspace from your personal space that you have at home. So try not to work in your bed or on your couch, things like that. It’ll help you to kind of feel a little bit of when you leave work or leave work, then you’re kind of leaving work and that separate space, and then able to focus on your personal time as well. Last one would be to set boundaries for yourself. If you end your work day at 5 pm, make sure you end at 5 pm – don’t go over. Don’t start work earlier than you have to. This will help you to keep your work life balance good. And that way you’re not overworking when you don’t really have to. So hopefully these help and sorry about the mix up in days, but hopefully next week I have it together. We’ll see, have a good rest of your week!