Telehealth Counseling Services

We offer video counseling on all of our services through a HIPAA compliant platform for the convenience of our clients. Please note- each insurance is different and may or may not cover Telehealth. Video sessions are around 50 minutes long for individual and 50-55 minutes long for family sessions.

Areas of Expertise

Anger: Irritability, losing control over emotions

Anxiety: Panic attacks. ruminating thoughts, heart racing

Chronic Illness: Newly diagnosed, transitional stress, living with an illness

Depression: Low energy, isolation, lack of motivation

Family: Conflict, family of origin issues, communication

Grief / Loss: Difficulties with acceptance of the loss, affecting daily functioning

Relationships: Communication, emotional differences, relationship patters

Self-Esteem: Low self-worth, decreased confidence, negative self-talk

Stress: Burn-out, failed coping skills, being overwhelmed

Transitional Stress: New job/location, new or lost relationship

Work / Life Balance: Lack of boundaries, taking work home with you

Work Stress: Burn-out, coworker issues, job performance issues