Individual Counseling Services


If you are not feeling like yourself, or maybe just going through a stressful time, we are here to help. We offer individual counseling for those looking to feel more in control of their emotions, or just someone to talk to. Our individual sessions are around 50 minutes long. Some people believe counseling is a reaction when they feel they are at their lowest point, but we want people to know you can go to counseling even if you are just feeling slightly off, or want to explore more about yourself.


Areas of Expertise


Anger: Irritability, losing control over emotions

Acculturation: Stigma, mood, relationships, marginalized communnities

Anxiety: Panic attacks. ruminating thoughts, heart racing

Chronic Illness: Newly diagnosed, transitional stress, living with an illness

Depression: Low energy, isolation, lack of motivation

Family: Conflict, family of origin issues, communication

Grief / Loss: Difficulties with acceptance of the loss, affecting daily functioning

Relationships: Communication, emotional differences, relationship patters

Self-Esteem: Low self-worth, decreased confidence, negative self-talk

Stress: Burn-out, failed coping skills, being overwhelmed

Transitional Stress: New job/location, new or lost relationship

Work / Life Balance: Lack of boundaries, taking work home with you

Work Stress: Burn-out, coworker issues, job performance issues


Individuals Served


Children (7+) | Adolescents | Adults