Spring Cleaning of the Mind – Video

by | Mar 26, 2021

Spring Cleaning of the Mind – Transcription

Hello, everyone. I’m back this week with another, talk it out Tuesday today. I’m going to be talking about spring cleaning and no, it’s not the typical spring cleaning of your house or your living space or whatever that might be today. We’re going to talk about spring cleaning of your mind. It’s really important to do this, you know, every once in a while, just refresh yourself and declutter things that you’re holding onto and what better way to do that when the weather’s getting nicer and it’s getting darker a little bit later and things are starting to get a little bit more hopeful and exciting. So the first thing that you want to do is declutter. There’s a few different ways that you can do this. You want to declutter those bad habits that you might’ve picked up over the winter months, especially with COVID.

We’ve been in this for a year. I’m sure there’s bad habits. Just like I’ve picked up a few bad habits of being in COVID and being in quarantine and just not really seeing people. So now’s that time to declutter those bad habits, find out what those are and how you can get rid of them. The next is toxic relationships. If you’re in any toxic relationships, whether that be friendships, toxic relationships with family members or significant others, really try to understand what you deserve and set those boundaries with those people and just declutter those toxic relationships declutter negative talk, and try to focus on that self positive talk. It’s really helpful to create some sort of positivity journal or gratitude journal to do this, but really try and focus on those positives, reframe your thinking from negative thinking and a negative frame of mind to a positive one that can be really helpful.

And there’s research that backs that up, that that can actually help you feel more positive by having that positive self-talk and lastly, declutter your physical space. So I know we all, most of us have offices at home, or if you have an office that you’re going into, whatever that workspace might be, it’s time to declutter that physical space and just kind of get rid of all of those paperwork that you don’t need anymore that were from the winter or whenever. And really try to refresh that, you know, they say a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. That is true. So try to declutter all of your physical spaces as well, to help you to feel better refreshed and you’re in a better work environment. The next thing I’m going to have you do is rejuvenating yourself. So you’re going to rejuvenate your physical health. It’s getting nice for out.

Like I said, if you’re in the Midwest, it’s getting nicer out. So take those walks, take the runs that you weren’t able to do when it was really cold or snowy or icy or whatnot. So really try to get back on track with your physical health to stay healthy. An hour of walking or 15 minutes of running a day can decrease depression by 26%. So that’s huge. Make sure you’re focusing on that physical health. The next is to rejuvenate your gratitude. Really try to focus on gratitude this spring and what are you grateful for coming out of this pandemic? You know, things are getting better. Things are opening back up. So really try to understand what am I grateful for that happened throughout this pandemic that I can focus on. And that can really help again with that positive self-talk as well. And lastly mindfulness, so rejuvenate by using mindfulness mindful meditation.

I’m a huge proponent of that. Headspace is a really good app that you can download. You can also look up Spotify or YouTube videos on guided meditation. That could be really helpful if you’re in these stressful situations and it just trains you to be more positive and be more present with what’s going on in your world. So again, focus on this spring, cleaning and sooner, rather than later, it’s going to be summer and hopefully we’ll have no more snow. And we can get on with our lives in the warmer weather. So hopefully these tips helped you and I will see you back next week. Have a good one.